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Queen Elizabeth Sticker

Queen Elizabeth II has served as the head of her sovereign nation for ALMOST 70 YEARS while simultaneously raising 4 kids and giving 30 lucky corgis the best dog-lives ever. Like if she isn’t the ultimate working mom then idk who is 🤷‍♀️ In my drawing, you’ll see her favorite (and mine) tea, Twinnings Earl Gray and surrounding English roses. They are the national flower, but also a popular epithet for an Englishwoman who is beautiful, poised, and elegant. But in this case, the delicate flowers retain their wicked sharp thorns- and if you’ve seen The Crown on Netflix, you know they allude to HRH’s sharp mind and cutting speech. 🌹


Sticker is waterproof, quality vinyl. 

Measures 2.5x3 inches

Queen Elizabeth Sticker

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